Our Team

All of our staff are fully qualified and experienced. Each member of staff is completely committed to ensuring the safety and well being of each child and ensure that every opportunity is taken to further the development of each individual. The staff work very closely together as a team to plan programs appropriate for each individual child.

Parents are always welcome at the Pre-School and our staff greatly values a positive partnership with parents who are encouraged to be actively involved wherever possible.

Meet Our Staff

Kim Costigan (Director and Teacher of three- and four-year-old groups)

Annamaria Bingham (Teacher of Waratah four-year-old group)

Andrea McCurdy (Teacher of Banksia four-year-old group)

Amelia Davies (Co-Educator for three-year-old groups)

Penny Low (Co-Educator for four-year-old groups)

Betty Tsotsos (Co-Educator for three- and four-year-old groups)

Sonja Wansbrough (Co-Educator for four-year-old groups)

Jan Vanston (Co-Educator for four-year-old groups)

Committee of Management – A parent-run kindergarten

Parents involvement at Rangeview Pre-School is vital. The parents elect a committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is held around October or November each year.

To contact the committee, please contact through the kindergarten on 03 9874 5874 or email rangeviewpreschool@bigpond.com.au