** If you have received a 2019 Rangeview Pre-School offer, click here to find the enrolment forms**

Application Procedure

Application forms can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Directly from Rangeview Pre-School during Pre-School hours
  • Download a copy: Click here for the WPSA Application Form and other enrolment information. These forms and information are from the WPSA website (with their permission), please check their relevant dates.
  • For details on Pre-School tours click here

Applications are sent to the Whitehorse Preschool Association (WPSA) Central Applications.

Four Year Old Pre-School is a Government funded program. Families may be eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy (four year old program only). The Kindergarten Fee Subsidy is provided by DET and enables eligible children to attend Kindergarten free of charge or at minimal cost. Eligibility conditions change from time to time – some examples may include families on a Healthcare or Pension cards. Please contact the service for further information.

Rangeview Pre-School operates a privately funded Three Year Old group as the Government does not subsidise this age group.

Please note that applications received after the enrolment period has finished are placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

The enrolment period is advertised through:

  • Local playgroups, libraries, toy libraries
  • Local Maternal & Child Health Centres
  • Local Primary Schools
  • Local shops
  • Rangeview Pre-School
  • Local suburban newspapers, if required
  • Whitehorse Pre-School Association (WPSA)

It is important that any specific information required to assist the staff and committee in planning for children with additional needs should be part of the application information.

Children who are identified by the teachers as needing to repeat will need to have their application confirmed by DET for a 2nd year of funded pre-school.

Please contact our Enrolment Officers or view our Enrolment and Orientation Policy if you have any questions regarding the enrolment procedure.