Our Pre-School Policies are a reflection of the National Quality Framework and the National Regulations, as well as reflection of the needs of our families.

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy
Administration of First Aid Policy
Administration of Medication Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Asthma Policy
Child Protection Policy
Child Safe Environment Policy
Child Safe Reporting Guidelines
Child Safety Review
Code of Conduct Policy
Complaints and Grievances Policy
Curriculum Development Policy
Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy
Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy
Delivery and Collection of Children Policy
Delivery and Collection of Children Authorisation
Determining Responsible Person Policy
Diabetes Policy
Diabetes Management Strategies
ELAA Definitions
Emergency and Evacuation Policy
Enrolment and Orientation Policy
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Epilepsy Policy
Excursions, Incursions and Service Events Policy
Fees Policy 2018
Food Safety Policy
Developing an excursion authorisation form
Governance and Management of the Service Policy
Guidelines for the recruitment of staff and volunteers                                                          Gumnuts at Rangeview Policy
Hazard identification checklist
Hygiene Policy
Incident Injury Trauma & Illness Policy
Information and Communication Technology Policy
Interactions with Children Policy
No Jab No Play – Fact Sheet
Nutrition & active Play Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Privacy & Confidentiality letter of acknowledgment & understanding
Procedures – loss of critical functions Policy
Procedures for infection control (blood borne viruses)
Procedures for the safe administration of medication
Relaxation and Sleep Policy
Road Safety And Safe Transport Policy
Staffing Policy
Strategies for Environmental Sustainability
Supervision risk management template
Supervision of Children Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Water Safety Policy

Bush Kinder Policies

Bush Kinder Delivery and Collection of Children
Bush Kinder Dog Awareness
Bush Kinder Emergency Evacuation
Bush Kinder Extreme Weather 2017
Bush Kinder Fauna and Flora Awareness
Bush Kinder Identification and Visibility
Bush Kinder Play Benefit and Risk
Bush Kinder Protective Clothing
Bush Kinder Snake Awareness
Bush Kinder Stranger Awareness